GPS Battery Anti theft, Tracking, Alarm


Range Summary

The intelligent tracking management system of NARADA power is based on GPS monitoring as a foundation, being the information tracking system that realizes the intelligent power management.The power tracking management system fully realize the power of apanage management, effectively curb theft. For use of the power supply security and scientific management to provide protection.

Technical Features

• Stable telecommunication technology
• Advanced positioning technology
• Concealed installation and convenient usage
• Various alarm trigger options
• The system is connected through GPRS Network. A map platform shows the location and walking route of the alarm device.
• Reliable stable system
• It can set up to 5 sets of SMS alarming receiver number, identify them automatically as mobile or fix line
• SMS alarming, show alarm information and address information while alarming.
• Positioning current coordinate while installation, alarming information displays positioning coordinate and current coordinate in details, convenient for user’s reference.
• Customer can monitor the conversations near the GPS tracking device.

Main Applications

• Communication exchange and transmission system
• Mobile communication system
• Beacon signal system
• Solar energy storage system
• Radio and broadcast station
• Other equipment, cycling system

General Specifications

Applicable battery models (series and types):
Eos (400Ah,500Ah, 600Ah)
REX (400Ah,600Ah)
Acme (>=150Ah)
MP (>=150Ah)
Download GPS Operation Manual