NARADA Annual Report 2017 (PRNewsfoto/Narada Power Source Co.,Ltd)

Narada Power Revenue Rises 30% in 2017 on Energy Storage and Recycling

China’s leading energy storage manufacturer and developer, Narada Power Source Co. Ltd., with a 30% growth in 2017, the total revenue in 2017 was 8.637Billion yuan(US$1.376 billion) The net profit stood at 381 million yuan, up 16% compared with that of 2016.

President Statement (PRNewsfoto/Narada Power Source Co.,Ltd)
President Statement (PRNewsfoto/Narada Power Source Co.,Ltd)


NARADA Annual Report 2017 (PRNewsfoto/Narada Power Source Co.,Ltd)
NARADA Annual Report 2017 (PRNewsfoto/Narada Power Source Co.,Ltd)

Narada’s battery business contributed 5.174 billion yuan, among those the growth rate of stationary power, energy storage power & systems, and motive power & systems was 10.38%, 9.59%, and 33.27% respectively.

Narada first started out as a battery manufacturer and retailer and now has made significant inroads in providing systems solutions and operation services for power generation, storage and recycling, forming an industrial chain. Narada have acquired 49% equity in Huabo Technology, a leading player in China’s battery recycling industry. It is expected that the capacity of Huabo Technology in lead battery recycling will exceed one million tons in the future.

According to the annual report, the energy storage project build by Narada in Wuxi Singapore Industrial Park with a capacity of 160MWh, was the first example of electrochemical energy storage system providing electric power ancillary services in China, was put into operation and participated in the power demand side response service for Jiangsu province in February 2018.

Narada’s leap from the industrial and commercial customer side to renewable energy generation was marked when Narada successfully put Qinghai Huaneng Integrated Photovoltaic Energy Storage Station into operation.

Narada not only invested in powertrain system projects to enhance the integration capacity of new energy vehicles, but have also tapped into the oversea motive battery market with sealed deals in the Netherlands, UK and Thailand. The revenue of a motive battery for electric bicycles have increased 57.94% annually.

The annual report also shows solid development in Narada’s R&D sector. By the end of 2017, it held 104 valid patents, including 45 for inventions, 41 for utility models and 18 for exterior designs. The revenue from R&D accounted for 3.03% of the total.


The unicorn in the energy storage industry has begun to take shape——2017 industry inventory

On April 3, CNESA(China Energy Storage Alliance) released the “Energy Storage Industry Research White Paper 2018”,Narada ranks the first in terms of installed capacity,power scale and energy scale in China’s newly added operated energy storage project in 2017 that becomes the leader of electrochemical energy storage technology and system provider in China .






Meanwhile, Narada’s installed capacity and energy scale of the newly added electrochemical energy storage project in 2017 all entered the world TOP3 .And the power scale ranks in the TOP5 in the world .





The White Paper systemized and updated the latest news of the energy storage projects of Global and China, market, factory owners, technology, policy .Meanwhile it also predicted and looked ahead the development of domestic and international energy storage market.


With the development of global new energy industry, the importance of energy storage in revolution of energy structure has been appeared. Commercialization of energy storage ushered in a broad space for development


Since 2016, Narada has commercialized energy storage. Through the exploration of Narada, it was clarified that the application of electrochemical energy storage was mature in terms of scale, safety, economy. By the end of 2017, the total contracted capacity of the company’s energy storage power station has exceeded 2000MWh, and the scale of operation has exceeded 300MWh, occupying the commanding heights of the global energy storage industry.


In the past two years, Narada has led the revolution of commercial energy storage and made China become one of the most active countries in energy storage in the world.


The prospect of 160 billion dollars makes the energy storage industry worthy of becoming a sunrise industry, and the market growth space will exceed 16 billion dollars in the next five years.


Based on the existing complete industrial chain, Narada will continue to iterate on existing solutions, expand its cost advantage, and promote project expansion more quickly , build the most promising energy Internet .The unicorn in the energy storage industry has begun to take shape.


Commercial Energy Storage of Narada detonated the 2018 Energy Storage International Conference and Expo

From April 2 to 4, the 7th Energy Storage International Conference and Expo was held at Beijing National Convention Center. Narada’s president Chen Bo and Vice-president Wang Dawei attended the summit and discussed the innovation and development of Energy Storage Industry with the experts and leaders.


President Chen Bo (middle) participated in the summit dialogue

The president Chen Bo had a discussion with industry experts on the theme of “Building a new coordinate in the energy storage market” from energy storage technology development, market demand, and policy mechanisms that caused a strong reaction in the industry.

President Chen mentioned that as an explorer in the energy storage industry and a leader of commercialization, Narada has started commercialization of energy storage since 2015 and has formed a large-scale application now.

Through the exploration of Narada, it is cleared that the application of electrochemical energy storage is mature in terms of scale, safety, and economy.

President Chen Bo also discussed with the dialogue guests on the current electricity market, and everyone expressed their expectation of establishing an electric auxiliary service system and effective price mechanism.


President Chen Bo accepts media interview


Vice president Wang Dawei gave a speech

The vice president Wang Dawei delivered a keynote speech titled “Discussion on the Business and Financing Mode of User-side Energy Storage Projects” at the theme forum of “Energy and Storage Financing Practice and Outlook”, and focused on the business and financing model of energy storage projects .

Meanwhile, “Smart Distribution Network Energy Storage Station in Wuxi Singapore Industrial Zone ” project won the award of “2018 Energy Storage Application Innovation Model TOP10” for its remarkable innovation and influence.


Chief Engineer of Narada Energy Internet Tan Jianguo (2nd right ) receives the Energy Storage Application Innovation Model Award

Wuxi Singapore Industrial Zone Smart Distribution Network Energy Storage Station is the biggest commercialize energy storage station, the total capacity is 160MWH. The project has been officially approved by the National Power Grid and has operated the full-capacity grid-connected successfully.

During the Spring Festival of 2018, the project successfully participated in the demand side response of the power grid. It was the first time in large-scale energy storage power stations across the country. It provided an example for the electrochemical energy storage system to enter the electricity market. It has milestone significance for the market incentive mechanism for power demand management and the peak-to-valley load-reversible control system for demand-side response.

The Energy Storage International Conference and Expo was established in 2012. It’s an energy storage industry professional brand exhibition activity which is under the guidance of the Scientific and Technical Equipment Division of the National Energy Administration, and supported by the China Energy Research Association, the Zhongguancun Management Committee and the Zhongguancun Haidian Park Management Committee, and built by CNESA.

This year’s conference gathered more than 120 authoritative speakers and more than 60 exhibitors from domestic and international.

At the exhibition, the booth of Narada was combined with the sense of technology and modernity.It also occupied a favorable position to demonstrate the comprehensive strength of Narada in energy storage comprehensively and became the protagonist of the entire exhibition hall. Narada also became one of the most watched brands during the show.


In this exhibition, the energy storage technology and application of Narada had not only received unanimous approval from the industry but also attracted a large number of visitors to consult.


Industrial Project Collaboration: MOU with Temasek Polytechnic

On 29 March 2018, Narada Asia Pacific Pte Ltd had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Temasek Polytechnic for Industrial Project Collaboration.

The objectives of this MOU is to develop series for programme includes Industrial Energy Management System, joint seminars & workshops, joint paper publication of Grid-tie Energy Storage System, student internship programmes, as well as service learning for students’ Overseas Community Projects (OCP).

Screenshot (167)

“Tp is confident that the MOU will mark the beginning of a strong and fruitful partnership between TP and Narada Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. We are certain that both institutions will reap the maximum benefits through this win-win partnership. More importantly, we hope to produce skilled and certified engineers that can contribute to the industry that is currently adapting to liberalization of the retail electricity market.” said Wong Kia Ngee, Director/School of Engineering

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This newly formed partnership is set to provide a thriving outcome for both parties as well as industry.


Narada Enters Europe’s Pure Electric Vehicle Power Market



In the first half of 2017, Narada signed a long-term cooperation agreement with a European electric vehicle company for pure lithium iron battery system for electric vehicles. The total scale of the project about 800 MWH. Narada received the first batch of orders of 3.3 million US dollars recently.

It is reported that in order to meet the growing demand of environment-friendly and quiet trucks of society, EU plans to cut carbon emissions by 40% by 2021 due to the city is dealing with air and noise pollution. Automakers and technology companies around the world are scrambling for the market.

The partner of this project is a famous enterprise in Europe, which has years of experience in electric vehicle research and development.

With the increasing competition of the 1st generation Green Vehicle, this company introduced an all-electric semi-trailer vehicle which greatly enhances the economy and environmental protection of power vehicles. This vehicle chose the lithium iron battery pack of Narada as its core power source.

Narada creatively developed the lithium iron battery system that suitable for pure electric vehicles. This system has the feature of high integrated, lightweight and refined power system design; the cycle life up to 3000 times; high energy density, and has the advantage of fast charging. In addition, the system has a strong environmental adaptability and can work at -20-60 ℃.

The pure electric vehicles not only can realize the quiet driving, zero COemission but also the operating cost will reduce 40% per kilometer.

Narada has already mastered the key technologies of battery materials, power systems and motive system, and has successfully completed series of product development and industrialization of lithium iron batteries for new energy vehicles. Narada has also further completed the development of the ternary soft pack power battery and system assembly on this basis, and a strong technology accumulation and system integration capability were formed.

The signing of this sales contract means that technical level and overall strength in the powerful lithium-ion battery system for electric vehicles of Narada have been highly recognized in the European industry, which further increases the company’s impact on the lithium-ion battery market for electric vehicles.

At the same time, this project also provided important experience for the large-scale entry into the global electric vehicle market in the future and promoted the development strategy of Narada in the field of power lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles.

With the cooperation with key customers in the renewable energy automotive industry continued to deepen, Narada will achieve a grander ambition in this field in the future.




Big New! The First Commercial Energy Storage Project Participates in Demand Side Response in China

During the Spring Festival this year, Narada Wuxi Singapore Smart Distribution Network Energy Storage Power Station participated in the electricity demand-side response in Jiangsu and completed its implementation successfully.


In the process of participating in the service, the power station has reduced the electricity demand of 20,000kw in the park but taken only 1 second. It is reported that this is the first time for such large-scale energy storage station involved in the demand side of the grid response.

From February 16 to 18, the State Grid Jiangsu Provincial Electric Power Company and the Provincial Economic and Information Commission jointly implemented the largest “Valley Filling” power demand response service in China.

The management committee of Wuxi Singapore Industrial Park cooperated with the 20MW energy storage power station and the users in the park actively participate in the electricity use during the low period, accumulatively “filled in” about 189,000 loads, of which about 90,000kw loads “filled” by energy storage.

The loads filled during the Spring Festival 2018 increased by about 85% compared with the same period in 2017, narrowing the peak and valley difference effectively and improving the security and stability of the power grid operation.

The power peak and valley difference of Jiangsu province was as high as 16 million kW, and the peak-to-valley difference rate was over 35%.

The energy storage power stations use electricity during peak hours and generate electricity during the peak period of electricity use. It can achieve the goal of “cutting peaks and filling valleys” to balance the production and consumption of electricity and enhance the adjustment ability of the power grid.

Based on 90,000kw loads which “filled” by energy storage involved in demand response, this demand-side response service cumulatively consumed 576,000 kWh of electricity, reduced the coal production of captive power plant 70.8 tons and cut CO2 emissions by 3.36 million tons, nitrogen oxides 236,000 tons.

The demand-side response will occupy a more important position as a flexible resource under the context of energy internet. With the electricity reform, energy storage will have more market space and achieve better development, once a mature spot market and ancillary services market is established.

The first-time charge `electricity demand side response successful completion of Narada Wuxi Singapore Smart Distribution Network Energy Storage Power Station provides an example for the electrochemical energy storage systems enter the electricity market, and its have great significance for the market incentive mechanism for power demand management and the peak-to-valley load-bearing two-way control system for demand-side response.



MWC18, Narada stole the show


As the most influential mobile communication exhibition in the world, the Mobile World Congress 2018(MWC18)was opened in Barcelona on 26th  February. Narada appeared on the site with The 3rd Generation Narada LiFePO4 Battery System,Lead-Carbon Battery Technology, High Temperature Battery System and so on.

As one of the biggest communication back-up power supplier, the lithium power installed capacity of Narada has reached 200 million US dollars as for now. Narada lithium battery promotion steps on top all over the world in the communication industry. The sales scale of Narada Lithium battery for back-up use was kept expanding in recent years, had been exported to over 40 countries.


The 3rd Generation LiFePO4 Battery System which appeared on MWC18 with the features of small size, high energy density and a wide use of the environment. It has passed UL1973 certification which is one of the most authoritative certifications in the world. With the global accelerating construction of 4G network and the development of 5G in the future, Narada development Microbox. Which is the product specialized for 5G application.


The REXC series Lead-Carbon Battery also is the hot product on the spot. Narada is one of the few companies in the world which has mastered the core technology of lead-carbon batteries. The REXC series Lead-Carbon Battery which dependent research and development by Narada has high specific energy, fast recharge rates, extra-long cycling life and combines the characteristics of lead-acid batteries and super capacitors etc, the installed capacity of Narada Lead-Carbon Battery has reached more than 800MW. In 2017,ALABC decided to support Narada again, which means the lead-carbon technology of Narada will be more to a higher level.


Narada has been specialized in the field of telecommunication backup power for many years,our products are widely recognized by customers all over the world cause the continuous promotion of technology. Technology and innovation are the keys to development, Narada will keeping innovation and development to create higher value for our customers and provide more green energy for the world.



Narada received Social Citizen Award of the 7th International Carbon-Value Award

Narada received Social Citizen Award and president Chen Bo was named the Leader of Green and Low-Carbon Transformation Development that presented at the 7thInternational Carbon-Value Award which holds in Beijing before.


The International Carbon-Value Award was honoured as the medal of International Low-carbon and environment protector, which designed to promote the concept of low-carbon and find those enterprises who is environment-friendly and sustainability. Cause the creativity and development in the storage industry, Narada was considered the best representative of the concept to prompt sustainable development between economy and environment by judging panel.


As the leader of the storage industry in the world, Narada keeps exploring the new application model of Storage Pius, accelerate the realization of the business model in distributed energy and energy internet industries, and has been adjusted the generating side and the supply side, improved the utilization rate of wind and light energy. Meanwhile, Narada integrated its industrial chain to provide more green energy.


While the development of industry, Narada keeps its social responsibility in mind. Narada will provide further value to its customer and more green energy for the world.



Narada Established the Largest Commercial Energy Storage Power Station In the World

Recently, Narada received The Acceptance Statement of Grid-Connected System for the intelligent distribution network power station in Wuxi Singapore Industrial Park issued by State Grid Jiangsu Power Company Wuxi Power Supply Company,which signals that this project has been officially approved by the State Grid and will be full capacity operation with grid connection now.


This project installed the first multi-tariff energy meter for energy storage in Jiangsu Province and become the first large-scale energy storage power station that accesses the customer-side energy storage interactive dispatching platform of State Grid Jiangsu Power Company.

This power station is the first project which in accordance with the Client-side Energy Storage System and Network Management Requirements of Jiangsu Provincial Electric Power Company and has been acceptance.

The successful grid-operation of the project will promote the large-scale access of customer-side energy storage equipment to the power grid. It’s not only relieves the peak regulation pressure of the power grid, but also ensures the energy storage users get a reasonable return and achieve a win-win result.

The intelligent distribution network energy storage power station of Wuxi Singapore Industrial Park is located in Xingtai Industrial Park in Wuxi, the total power of the energy storage power station is 20MW, with a total capacity of 160MWH,and a total area of 12,800 square meters.



As the largest commercial energy storage power station in the world, Wuxi Singapore Industrial Park intelligent distribution network energy storage power station which build by Narada has attracted much attention from the whole world since its establishment.

This project received full support from the government and power grid companies in project construction and grid access, and finally operate successfully. The successful grid-operation of the power station marked the commercialization of energy storage.

The energy storage power station is connected to the high voltage side of the 10KV and supply for the whole park. Narada was responsible for the overall investment of the project, provides a full set of technical solutions, construction work and the operation service of the power station.

After the operation of the energy storage power station, it can provide 20,000 KVA load swap capacity to the park every day during the peak hours, not only reducing the load factor of the transformer substation, but also alleviating the expansion rate of the transformer in the industrial park.

This power station provide users with efficient and smart energy supply and related value-added services to achieve energy demand-side management, promote the clean energy production and consumption, improve energy efficiency, and promote the business model innovation in the field of distributed energy and energy Internet of Narada in the future.

The successful operation of the power station marked a milestone breakthrough in the system integration, engineering design and construction of Narada in the field of energy storage.



The President of Narada, Chen Bo, Won the Award — “Top 10 Economic Figures in China’s ICT Industry”


Recently, the ICT Entrepreneur Conference 2017 was held in Shangri-La Hotel, Beijing. At the meeting, Chen Bo, the President of Narada won the award — “Top 10 Economic Figures in China’s ICT Industry”. The conference was upgraded from the original “Annual Conference of China’s Information Industry Economy”,it has been held for 16 consecutive years and has enjoyed a good reputation.

With the global information technology innovation entering a new round of accelerating period, the core technology system of the ICT industry is accelerating the reconstruction. The innovation of single-point technology and single-product innovation is accelerating the systematic and integrated innovation transformation of multi-technology convergence and interaction, and the innovation cycle is greatly shortened. At the same time, the accelerated opening of new formats such as industrial Internet and energy Internet is opening up a strategic opportunity for China’s ICT industry to achieve leapfrog development.


Under the leadership of President Chen Bo, Narada Power has been strengthening its technical innovations and market innovations to continuously provide system solutions and comprehensive operation services to the telecommunications information industry, energy storage and new energy power industries.

Narada developed a communication base station energy management and energy-saving system to accurately calculate and assess the health status of the battery, real-time monitoring and data management and analysis of the battery system through the network to achieve long-range battery intelligent maintenance. The establishment of Narada intelligent storage remote IOT platform achieved seamless integration with the energy storage plant management system and achieved the centralized monitoring and efficient management, constantly promote the integration of multi-technology interaction

Entrepreneurs is the key element of industry and business development. This award is the affirmation of the industry’s contribution to Narada in the ICT industry. Narada will cooperate with more and more ecological partners to promote the integration of digital economy and real economy in the future.