0.3billion RMB Contract with Changan Auto


Hangzhou, China, March 2016 — A few days ago, at 9th March 2016, Narada Power Source Co., Ltd and Chang’an Auto have signed a sales contract with total amount 0.3billion RMB, about lithium-ion battery. Chang’an Auto will purchase LFP batteries from Narada for their electric vehicles.


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In year 2015, the EV industry in China has grown tremendously, with total annual turnover of 379 thousands, which is four times than 2014. China is already thelargest EV market. Thanks to national policy and improvement of related infrastructures, the EV market will be enlarged continuously, as a result, high-end customers of lithium battery will also increase, so Narada will get a big chance in bussiness development of lithium battery.

Because of development of li-battery for many years, Narada has totally controlled the key  technology of battery materials, power system as well as dynamical system, and accomplished industrialization of LFP series products for electric vehicles, moreover developed the ternary battery together with its system assembly, which attracts a lot of important EV clients.

This sales contract for Chang’an Auto will affect positively the business performance of Narada in 2016, which means Narada has been highly approved and recognized on aspects of li-battery technology and system assembly. In future, Narada will deepen and reinforce cooperation with those important EV clients, so as to achieve more significant objective.